C-CREO, College & Career Readiness and Educational Opportunities

• Developing Career Identity- Students can participate in mentoring, career awareness presentations, job shadowing, internships, college and industry tours, and college bridge programs.

• Improving Student Achievement- Programs will include after school and summer classes, tutoring, enrichment courses and programs, academic assistance and planning. Major attention will focus on monitoring student progress, and providing youth with extended learning and college/career activities.

• Improving and increasing college and career planning opportunities- Each student will have a personalized educational college and career academic plan that empowers families and students to plan and choose a high-quality education that meets their student’s unique needs.

For more information please contact:
Maya Donnelly, Program Director at (520)375-7947
mdonnelly@santacruzcountyaz.gov or click HERE for more information.

mdonnelly@santacruzcountyaz.gov or click HERE for more information.

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